Under Armour Snatches Draft Title Sponsorhip

Thanks to a new partnership deal, signed sealed and delivered, the new NBA

Steph Curry

draft Title sponsorship will be held by sports apparel brand: Under Armour. Under Armour has not only sponsored Steph Curry the NBA 2015 Most Valuable Player, but also PGA’s Jordan Spieth, and it seems that the brand is reaching to include larger brands and athletes as it moves forward with more sponsorship deals. What does this sponsorship deal mean for the NBA. To detail this partnership with Under Armour, the Baltimore based company will not only be the NBA draft title sponsor, but will also sponsor the league’s youth basketball program. This deal is one that represents an extended partnership between the two companies. With hopes of expanding its youth league to include five million boys and girls in the 6-11 age group in the next two years, the NBA is looking to move beyond the original “draft” narrative, and will be expanding to clinics which will train youth in the 6-11 age demographic. Business is booming!

According to IEG , brand sponsorships for bands will be worth $40B worldwide, There is, it seems a unique way to emotionally engage with fans, the NBA has most likely caught up with that. Under Armour, still a newcomer in the apparel market, now seats  beside Nike, Reebok and Adidas in the game of basketball sponsorship. Brand sponsorship has numerous benefits for both brand and partner . According to Brandwatch, sponsorship benefits brands because they can preempt and think ahead of consumers needs through research and analysis. In the sports world, leagues like the Barclays Premier League have been actively using brand analysis, social media campaigns and brand insight to under consumers needs. Brands can also measure their international impact, a factor I am sure will be helpful for the NBA as they increase their international branding efforts.