The Best Kicks to Sport This Year

Best Kicks

With the New Year finally here, it’s time to upgrade up those old basketball shoes! Having a sturdy and reliable pair of basketball shoes can help avert injuries and help you keep your head in the game. Many people don’t realize how important it is to pick out the right pair of shoes for the court, however the wrong pair of shoes could be what’s causing you to play off in the game. Picking out a pair of shoes may sound easy, however there are so many options out there. Here are the top five kicks you should sport this year!


Lebron 13

Known as one of the most durable shoes for all in one performance, comfort and cushioning, the Lebron 13 is one of the best options to get you on the court. The A-list sneaker provides you for reliability while being flexible on the court for quick and smooth movements.


Air Jordan 1 All Star

There’s a reason for this shoe being one of the most original models on the court. First, it is one of the oldest models for basketball players from back in the day. Second, it’s reliable and supportive comfort, allows players to focus on the court, rather than their shoes. This is the brand’s most classic shoe in the game, offering you the opportunity to win big like past all stars.


Under Armour Curry Two

If you’re looking for a shoe with the latest performance technology, the UA Curry Two is a must try. This shoe is technologically enhanced for high-tech speed performance, while offering a lightweight shoe. The sneaker also contributes to balance and stability through the heel and arch.


Adidas D Rose 7

If you’re a guard, the D Rose 7 is your latest go to shoe. The sneaker offers energy boosting solutions as you get out whatever you put in. The higher and faster force you put into the shoe, the better boost you’ll get. This shoe is alo durable in the simple fact that you won’t be slipping and sliding all over the place. It’ll keep you comfortable, while relying on the balance and support it’ll give off on the court.


Nike Kyrie 2

Basketball is all constant movement, therefore you need a shoe that knows how to flow and move with your foot to make the ultimate impact on the court. The hyperfuse technology will allow to keep your feet cool and dry while the air in the heel will give you stability and extra boost with movement. The new technology allows for endless movement and extreme cushioning on the court.


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