Steph Curry For MVP

Steph Curry is an absolute beast. As a Laker fan it is normally difficult to rot for any one who even once played the Golden State Warriors. But Steph Curry is no normal player. He is by far the most entertaining player to watch with his lightning fast quickness, impeccable ball handling skills and ridiculously smooth and accurate jumper. He is remarkably effective as well and has been integral in his teams rise from nothing. He deserves the MVP this season.

James Harden of the Houston Rockets is in a close second, but not even a sustained effort to “get him the recognition he deserves” by Houston fans can lift him to MVP.

Curry is the best player on the best team and though this isn’t always a recipe for winning the MVP vote. The Warriors haven’t had a team this good since winning the 1975 NBA Championship. Between ┬áthe splash brothers Curry and Klay Thompson, defenders are completely spread out on the floor making it easier to get solid production from their front court.

He averages 23.8 points a game with just 33 minutes per game. Other players in the running like Harden and Russell Westbrook often play up to 45 minutes a game. So its a lot of the other players on the team that are responsible for the sudden success of the team. But that team is also 10 games ahead of the closest competitor in the Western league where both Wesbrook and Harden play.

Curry shoots a ludicrous 43.6% from three point and he’s not a designated shooter. In fact, a lot of those shots are off-balance fade aways. He has an efficient 2.43 assist to turnover ratio and often makes the other team double team and help off making his team much better.