How to Stay Cool on the Court


Summer is right around the corner and the temperatures are slowly rising. This time of year poses heat on the court, especially for pickup games on the court. When playing basketball you and your friends will need to make sure you’re staying cool in the heat while you’re outside on the basketball court. As you and your buddies plan, or even spontaneously, partake in pickup games, here’s how you can beat the heat on the court all summer long.


Your body loses a large portion of water and sodium on hot summer days. Sweat is a natural bodily function that occurs when you play in a pickup game. Because of this, your body needs to hydrate and rehydrate. As an athlete, personally or professionally, you need to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Drink water before, during and after any game you play.


Hard courts, especially asphalt, retain heat and release it through your shoes and into your feet. This can cause your body temperature to be higher than necessary. You want the best basketball kicks for outdoors. Be sure you have good traction, durability and most importantly make sure they’re affordable. Having the right type of footwear for the summer can help you stay cool on the court.


You definitely don’t need a sweatshirt for the court in the summer. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate apparel for the temperature as you play. Try to find activewear that’s lightweight and is made from fabric that dries fast to reduce the amount of sweat. Stretchy or loose material are also good as you’re active on the court. Wearing the right clothing can help reduce the heat.


Although most courts aren’t covered by shade, look around for a place to get out of the sun that’s near your court. If there’s a tree nearby, stand in the shade for a few minutes whenever you’re not playing the game. Give your body a break from the sun whenever you get the chance.


Don’t forget to break between each quarter of the game. Use this time to relax and allow your body to rest. Drink water and go to the shaded area if it exists. A break will give your body the time to get ready for the next quarter, as you allow for a cool-down time.

Summer can be a fun time with a few friends and pickup games. Beat the heat this summer as you play hoops!