How to Play Basketball and Have More Fun

Ryan C Heffernan Basketball Fun

A good basketball player has a love for the game, natural skill and knows their way around the court. Often, baskeball players can also have a competitive nature, the drive to win. Although this is all fun and games, literally, here are a few tips to playing basket without the aspect of competition, and how to simply enjoy your time on the court!


Shoot Without Expectation


Life is about making shots. There’s nothing like the pure adrenalin rush you get when the ball leaves your hands and swishes through the next. However, many players are disappointed when they shoot and miss. Removing the expectation of making the ball in the net will allow you to let loose and have fun. Instead of practicing under pressure, this allows you to practice for fun.


Another way to practice shooting without pressure is by playing basketball games. There are plenty of basketball side games that are much different than the actual standard game we watch the professionals play. Try pickup games like H-O-R-S-E and Knockout. These are just two of many fun games you can play involving the hoop and the basketball, but neither involve traveling, just shooting!


Don’t Compare Yourself


There’s a wise saying and it goes “Comparison kills contentment”. This quote is accurate to basketball players. With so many elements to the game, basketball players take to specific skills. Some players are better at blocking while others are great at making it in the basket. When you focus on how you play the game and what you’re skilled in rather than comparing yourself to others, you’ll have more fun. Each skilled member is what makes a great team player.


Change the Game


Basketball is a widely popular sport that you can play both indoors and outdoors. When the weather’s in favor, take your games outside. The fresh air is great and will be a nice break from playing inside a gym.


Other than changing where you play the game, you can also change how you play the game. Change the rules, make them your own. As long as everyone playing agrees, you’ll notice it might be more fun.


You can ensure you’ll have fun playing basketball without the pressure of competition and comparison. Next time you’re on the court, try these tips for a fun game!