Etiquette to Make You Popular for Pick Up Games


Pick Up EtiquetteBasketball is a great way to make some new friends, relieve stress and get a great workout. We all come out to have a good time and play some ball. However, there’s nothing worse than a fight breaking out over self-esteem tensions amongst each other. Many guys don’t realize that there is proper etiquette to the game, simply for the fact that everyone gets along and has a good time. If you’re new to the weekly pickup games, be sure you apply your etiquette skills for a great game.


Don’t rep your favorite jersey

One of the first rules in the pick up game is to wear your typical workout clothes, not a brand new jersey and Jordan’s. The fact of the matter is that we all love basketball, but repping your matching basketball outfit won’t make you a better basketball player. The matching jersey and sneaks will just catch everyone off guard and make a scene. It also won’t be the most comfortable thing in the world, causing the game to be distracted (which could easily be avoided).  Instead, just wear your normal gym clothes and comfortable basketball sneakers so players can focus on one thing: the court. Again, this isn’t a fashion show, it’s a basketball game. There’s no point in showing off your closet; we’re all fans.


Don’t trash talk

Trash talking on the courts is a no go, especially if you’re new to the game. Look, we’re all just trying to play some basketball, so coming at each other won’t make the game any better. Trash talking the other team will contribute to making matter worse, and possible cause more problems. Remember, we’re all here to have fun and get a good game in. Trash talking won’t help either side of the court win the game.


Play Fair on the Courts

Don’t be a ball hog, pay attention to the game and respect the call. This isn’t third grade anymore. If you don’t want to respect the court or the game, you shouldn’t be here. We’re all here to have fun, so the last thing we want to happen is an argument break out over a called foul. Give it your all. If you don’t agree, just move on. If you’re cocky, that’s great you think so highly of yourself, but the rest of us are just trying to have a good time. That being said, don’t be shy! Try your best and put in your best effort to be a team player. This is a pickup game, not the NBA, so there’s nothing to feel ashamed of.