NBA All-Time Starting Lineup

Point Guard:

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is one the best point guards to ever have played the game. He was general on the court and his basketball IQ was off the charts. Magic was also one the clutchest players in NBA history, so you know the Lakers made sure the ball was in his hands when it mattered most. He could blow past you on the dribble or beat you with his jump shot. Magic was nearly impossible to defend. During his career he won 3 NBA MVP awards, selected to 12 All-Star games, and is the NBA’s all-time leader in average assists per game with 11.2

Shooting Guard:

Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan is arguably the best player in NBA history. During his time with the Chicago Bulls he won 6 NBA championships and never lost. An impressive feat to say the least. Jordan was also noticed for his tenacious defense, as he was elected to the All-Defensive team nine times during his career. Jordan never shied away from pressure, he thrived on it.  When the game was on the line everyone in the arena knew who the ball was going too but the opponents could not do anything about. He hit numerous clutch shots in his career and most of them were in the playoffs. He was a real treat to watch as an NBA fan.

Small Forward:

 Lebron James


In the 2003 NBA draft, there was a ton of hype about this 18 year old kid from Akron, Ohio. People believed he would be one best players in the NBA when it was all said and done. Well, they were right. Lebron is already in conversation for one of the best to ever play the game and he still in the prime of his career. So far, he has won four NBA MVP’s, two NBA championships, elected to 13 All-Star teams, six All-Defensive teams and is also the Cleveland Cavaliers all-time leading scorer. Not too bad, right? However, one of Lebron’s ultimate goal is to bring a NBA championship back to Cleveland, a city that has not seen a championship in over 50 years.

Power Forward:

Tim Duncan

Wizards v/s Spurs 02/12/11

Mr. Fundamentals – Tim Duncan is not seen as very flashy player with eye popping statistics, but does what he needs to do to win games. He was the key figure for the San Antonio Spurs five NBA championships and  is a leader on and off the court. He is a two-time NBA MVP, 15 time All-Star, and three time NBA finals MVP. When it is all said and done, he will regarded as one best power forwards to ever play the game.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar


Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one of the most dominating big men of all-time. He was known for his incredible “sky hook”, which was almost impossible to defend. He won 6 NBA titles, was elected to 19 All-Star games (still a record), and still remains the all-time leading scorer in the NBA with an astonishing 38,387. Kareem enjoyed an incredible career and was fan favorite.